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This dress is made completely out of recycled materials. Although it's a bit time consuming, it's absolutely FREE!

Materials Used:

- Newspaper
- Glossy Mod Podge (you can get this at walmart, hobby lobby or you can make it yourself)

Cut out the frame of the top from newspaper. Begin to decoupage newspaper on top of that to thicken up the base. once the base is thick enough, cut strips of colorful newspaper and decoupage them onto the base of the top.

- Magazines
- Various types of cardboard boxes from food products

Collect a bunch of recycled cardboard from your recycling bin (cereal boxes, granola bar boxes etc.), over lap them in a curved shape and begin to hot glue them together. (Don't worry about how they look, they will be covered up by the magazines) Since I was fitting this to my own body I had to continually check for the fitting, but if you have a mannequin, it would probably be a lot easier.

Next get a bunch of old magazines, rip out bright colored ads and cut A TON of pedal shapes. (These can vary in size, I cut mine about 5-6" at the widest part of the pedal, but no need to get out a tape measure for this) The pedals are then folded like a fan to give the dress some dimension.

Once all the pedals are done, put a line of hot clue at just the top of the pedal. Line the pedals side by side in a row onto the cardboard. For the next line of pedals, the top of the pedal (where the line of hot clue is) will be placed about 3" underneath the pedal from the previous row. This way, you won't be able to see how it is glued on. Continue to do this row by row.

- braided strips of plastic grocery bags

Cut any kind of grocery bag into long strips. Tie three strips together at the top and begin braiding. Do this three separate times. Once you have three sets of braids, you can hot glue them together to make them thicker.

The belt is then hot glued to the top of the skirt to hide the top of the first row of magazine pedals.

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    can you teach me with pictures please?it would be a big help for my project

    pedal shape or petal shape? A picture of your pattern would help clear this up for me. Thanks

    HI, I REALLY LOVE UR IDEA!! Can you send me the step by step and clear instructions and how you wore it and things like that by email!! IT WILL BE MUCH APPRECIATED!!

    Awesome! Will try to make soon :)

    Can you please tell me how you were able to put it on and semd me the instruction on how you put it all together.. my email is thank you :)

    And may I know how you put it on? Thx

    Could you send me the instructions for this dress? Our class is supposed to make a costume with recycled materials and I thought I could suggest your idea. My email addresses is

    Love this dress I'm trying to make a project like this in my art class, would you mind sending me the instructions how to make it? :)

    This is such an awesome dress!! Could you send me PDF too??? I want to make it for a wedding!! How do you put it on?!

    Thanks so much!!!


    Love it. How were you able to put it on? please send instructions to

    For updates on some of my other work, you can visit my portfolio site:

    This is really awesome. My daughter is doing a fashion show. Can you please send us instructions on how to make it. This is a 1st place winner. Please send to Thx

    OMG this is soo cool can you pleaseee send me the pdf :D My email is Thanks!!

    Hi! is your dress for rent? Can i have your contact number please? thanks.

    Will you send me the PDF file?


    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D

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    heyy, could you send me the pdf please? love this!

    1 reply

    Thanks! I just sent the PDF to your email!