Picture of Recycled Easter Egg Holder
  I made eggs for Easter, but didn't have anything to hold them in. After digging through my garage, I had the perfect idea.


                                       Children under the age of 45 should have an older
                                   guardian watching them while attempting this project

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Step 3: The Holder

 Most bottles have a funnel-shaped top. That will be your holder. Cut it off and the end of the funnel shape (see picture). Just tear at it with the scissors until you have a slit and keep cutting from that slit.

Step 4: Even it out

 Now even out the cut you just made. This step is self-explanatory, that means no blurry pictures.

Step 5: Wash

 Wash your almost-finished product, also self-explanatory.

Step 6: Use

 Insert egg..... not much else to say.

        This was my first instructable. Please let me know what I should do better in future 'ibles.