Recycled Garden Potting Bench





Introduction: Recycled Garden Potting Bench

This is a potting bench/ workspace i built to be used for when your planting flowers, was built at no cost because of use of pallets and screws i already had. It could also be used as a regular work bench if you wanted. I built it out of all recycled wood, All except for the 2x4's in the back were pulled from pallets. The back 2x4's were from an old house wall. All screws were predilled to prevent splitting and some of the wood was so hard it would twist the screws off. Wish i could have made a full instructable but did not have a camera at the time. Will make an instructable if i decide to build another one. If anyone would like more pictures just comment what area you would like a picture of.



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Started disassembling 2 pallets. Will that be enough wood?

yeah it should be, depending on the spacing of the boards on the allets you might need more to be able to fill in all the space on the top and shelf. You will also need some longer 2x4s for the back legs

love the idea could you put a list of the materials it took to build this? thanks

I just used 4 pallets and 2 - 2x4's we had taken out of our house and then 3 inch and 1.5 inch deck screws