Picture of Recycled Garden Trellis
My hydroponic cucumber plants were growing like crazy, and needed something to help support the veggies once they grow. Using some wood and left over garden mesh from my raft, I built this:
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Step 1: Collect it.

Picture of Collect it.
It's relatively simple, figure out what dimensions you need, this will probably be determined by what garden mesh/wood you have on hand. Mine is 3' x 6'

You'll need:

Wood boards of the right lengths
Wood glue (optional)
Garden Mesh of the right dimensions
Zip ties

Miter saw
Power screwdriver
If you have a corner clamp...get it.

Step 2: Cut it.

Picture of Cut it.
Untitled-2 copy.JPG
DSC_0623 copy.JPG
DSC_0626 copy.jpg
Set your miter saw to 45 degrees and cut an angle into each board. Make sure that you make the cut off the same side of each piece. You should be turning each plank into a trapezoid. If you're afraid you may make a mistake, draw cut lines and line them all up to make sure they will fit into a rectangle. Make the cuts as close to the end as you can, so that you have some nice little triangles to use later.

Step 3: Screw it.

Picture of Screw it.
DSC_0633 copy.jpg
DSC_0636 copy.JPG
DSC_0634 copy.jpg
This is the hardest step. Use the glue to add some rigidity, and then use a screw to make right angles. The best way that I've found to do it (because the angles cause them to slip) is prop them up in the grass. When they start to dig into the dirt, they stay in place. Once you have a rectangle, use four of your little triangles as gussets to reinforce the whole thing. I used two screws per triangle and some wood glue. By now, you should have a nice strong frame!

Step 4: Mesh it.

Picture of Mesh it.
DSC_0639 copy.jpg
DSC_0640 copy.jpg
From here on out, it's smooth sailing. Just lay out your mesh over the frame and use the zip ties to attach it. The tighter, the better. Trim the mesh if it needs to be trimmed and you're ready to set up!
Claude36 years ago
Great minds work alike..I used a pvc frame and deer fencing (vinyl) with zip ties works great...simple too.
DebH576 years ago
Why isn't this in the Garden contest Wessensteinburg? I think it is great.!
Weissensteinburg (author)  DebH576 years ago
Thanks! I did submit it, but they sometimes take time to approve entries. I don't expect to win anything, though. It's not the most novel project, and the lack of comments suggest a lack of votes. But that's alright, I had to build it anyways.