Step 5: Use It.

Luckily, I have something to lean my trellis on. If you don't, either cut another piece of wood to hold it up, or hang it on something. If your plant needs a trellis, it probably has little tentacles coming out all over looking for things to latch on to. They look like curly strings hanging around. All you need to do is guide a few of these strings onto your new trellis and they'll figure out the rest. It's been a couple weeks since I made this, you can see the difference yourself:
Great minds work alike..I used a pvc frame and deer fencing (vinyl) with zip ties works great...simple too.
Why isn't this in the Garden contest Wessensteinburg? I think it is great.!
Thanks! I did submit it, but they sometimes take time to approve entries. I don't expect to win anything, though. It's not the most novel project, and the lack of comments suggest a lack of votes. But that's alright, I had to build it anyways.

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