Picture of Recycled Goo.
 This is how you make goo out of paper.


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Step 1: Materials needed.

Picture of Materials needed.
-screened strainer
-plastic container

Step 2: Rip paper.

Picture of Rip paper.
Rip paper into blender. fill about half way.

Step 3: Add Water.

Picture of Add Water.
 Fill about 1/4 way with water.

Step 4: Blend!

Picture of Blend!
 Blend on high for about 20 seconds.

Step 5: Pour.

Picture of Pour.
Pour into the screened strainer till no water is dripping out.

Step 6: Stir.

Stir with a fork.

Step 7: Play!

Picture of play!

Step 8: Put into container.

Picture of Put into container.
 once your done playing store in a plastic container.

Step 9:

if it gets dried out add water.
Add PVA glue for a more permanent sculpting medium. It's basic Pappier Mache!