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I've made this sort of hand warmer for myself out of large socks, but I got the idea for this one watching my daughter wait for the school bus this past winter. She looked very cute all bundled up, but her hands get chilled and often she wears a pair of gloves and a pair of mittens. I wanted to make her a pocket sized warmer and use some out grown socks at the same time.

Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
We used out grown toddler socks, a marker, some broken bottom of the rice container grains (I've heard of using ceramic pie weights but I was worried it would get too hot), if you can sew you might want a needle and thread, too.
wyrdwoman1 year ago
I suspect the sock was clean and a bit stained. Bravo for the reuse of old socks I want to make use of worn items and reduce my spending. Thanx for the GREAT idea. I am pretty sure any microbes of concern will be dealt with by the microwaves as they do kill bacteria from what I understand. I cannot say which but a check into scientific websites may answer that. It is important to me to avoid anecdotal findings. Does anyone know if there is a moderator for the "be nice" policy? I think a question would have fallen into the parameters of this policy better than the comment as it could be interpreted as an attack instead of the intention of help it likely was.
I have one that i made out of one of my socks, filled it about 1/4 +- with rice and have used it on my shoulder, knee, and used it to warm a cold bed :D
Mplinnc5 years ago
you shold use a CLEAN sock.
 why would it matter?
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how did you make that comment?
you go to the "add images" button and add images
ah, thank you...
Ur welcome!
d1ndian Mplinnc5 years ago
nice comment
Mplinnc d1ndian4 years ago
chiroptikitty (author)  Mplinnc5 years ago
The socks are used (this is a recycling project), so they are stained, not dirty. 

Reuy J5 years ago
It looks like a w*lly warmer
ZOOBREAK5 years ago
does this hand warmer really work?
please reply...
chiroptikitty (author)  ZOOBREAK5 years ago
This does really work. How well is a group of factors like: how big a sock and how much filling, a large sock and a lot of filling would need to be heated, jiggled and heated again for longer amounts of time. if you want to stick to recycled socks it would depend on how much stretch is left in the elastic to determine the need for sewing. baby socks get out grown way before they stretched out at my house so they were a natural for this project.
Browncoat6 years ago
I really like that you don't HAVE to sew to make this work. Nice! :)
lemonie6 years ago
Could you add the wattage of your microwave and an approximate weight of rice? There's a bit of potential for your results to not be replicated in the same way without this information. L
chiroptikitty (author)  lemonie6 years ago
My oven doesn't have this information printed on it. This is why I went with the 30 second tests. The rice weight is determined by sock size and I don't have an ounce scale. I'm just cautious and found 2 rounds of 30 sec+shaking worked out. Using different materials like rock salt or ceramic pie weights will vary the time, of course a higher or lower wattage oven will too.
rimar20006 years ago
Would not it be convenient to wash the socks before?
chiroptikitty (author)  rimar20006 years ago
These are used toddler sized socks, I don't use bleach on young children's items.
l8nite6 years ago
these are great for ear aches and other minor pains, my mom used to make them using rock salt, of course back then we didn't have microwaves so she either fried it in a pan or baked in the oven before pouring in the sock