Recycled Hanging Basket




Introduction: Recycled Hanging Basket

I found a couple of old colanders and decided to replace my broken hanging baskets with them.

What you need:


• Colanders
• Chains from old hanging basket (you can buy hanging baskets chains from eBay if you don't have old baskets)
• 3 x carabiner clip (eBay)
• An old 100% cotton t-shirt
• Water retaining gel (this reduces the frequency of watering a lot)
• Slow release plant food
• Compost
• Plants suitable for a hanging basket (I went for flowers but tomatos or strawberries would look good too)
• Gravel to dress the tops and slow moisture loss


• A metal bit to drill holes for the carabiner clips
• scissors to cut up the shirt

Step 1: Assembly

1. Take your colander and make 3 evenly spaced marks around the rim.
2. Drill holes bit enough for your carabiner clips with a metal drill bit (it may help to centre punch the marks first to stop the bit slipping)
3. Line the colander with the t-shirt material
4. Mix the compost with the water retaining gel and slow release food according to the instructions on the package
5. Fill the colander with the compost mix and plant
6. Water well and top up the compost if needed
7. Top dress with gravel
8. Connect the chains, hang up and enjoy

I hang mine on my bean poles so the flowers attract the pollinators to my veggies.



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