Just some stuff I had laying around that I decided to put together and make a cool band for my Ipod when hiking.
nice.. where did you get the ipod holder?
The holder itself was from this 3 pack of different color holders I got last year and never use all 3 and it came with this weird interchangeable strap that was blue lol so I just took one of the ipod holders from that kit and I had the Velcro and extra button from BDU pants from my ghilli suit project and the strapping was from tie down strap for a four wheeler but I recommended using a comfortable cloth for your band and not something that will chaff your arm. I would look around a TJmaxx that usually carry's off brand ipod stuff thats cheep or best buy I have seen just the individual holders like mine in some kind of 3 color kit and its worth buying if you can make bands for the unused if you buy a kit with 3 holders..
thanks dude.. i kinda have my own ipod holder now with a bit of a twist. i was gonna start selling the holder itself on my shapeways store.. so thats why i was asking :) <br>https://www.instructables.com/id/3d-printed-6th-gen-nano-watch-band-w-earphone-org/

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