Introduction: Recycled Jewelry Holder

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To make this, all you need is a box with a bottom and sides, and paint. The box I have is a de monte banana box. You can use the bottom to store your items. Or put nails in the box for hanging things. I just didn't want to mess up the picture.

Step 1: Design

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Design your image on the inside then if it will be a light color, paint it white first.

Step 2: Paint the Background

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Step 3: Paint the Image That Was White

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It should be dry by now so go ahead and paint the image, mine being the sun. Since yellow is a light color, I pained it white first

Step 4: Paint Sides and Framing

Step 5: Put Stuff in the Box.

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Like said before, you can screw nails into the box for hanging items but I wanted this to double as an artwork so I didn't poke any holes.


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Bio: I am an amateur artist. And I am Christian/buddhist. It's weird to explain.
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