Recycled Juice Bottle





Introduction: Recycled Juice Bottle

This is the second life for a juice bottle with

the help of a CD. It was really fun!

Step 1: Materials

- a juice bottle, height: ~ 14 cm;

- a CD and pliers;

- different acrylic colors and glitter;

- adhesive for mosaic;

- mosaic paste;

- varnish.

Step 2: Preparing the CD

- I painted the CD with acrylic white.

- I broke it in random pieces, using the pliers.

Step 3: Preparing the Bottle

- The pieces are bonded on the bottle with the mosaic adhesive.

- After the cure time the spaces between parts are filled with mosaic paste.

Step 4: Coloring the Bottle

After 24 hours, I painted with acrylic gold between CD parts

and with different colors the pieces.

On some of them, when the color was still wet, I added glitter

just for shiny effects.

Finally, I added a layer of varnish for protection.

So, the tranformation of the bottle was ready!



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    A,ce faina!Si ai stat sa pictezi fiecare bucatica!

    Mai mare mi-a fost surpriza cand am vazut florile de colt....iarta-ma dar nu le puteam trece cu vederea.

    1 reply

    A fost pentru prima data cand le-am gasit la florarie in ghiveci. Dar nu au rezistat anul urmator!

    Da, am pictat fiecare bucatica. Nu puteam altfel. Am vrut sa fie multicolore.

    Imi pare bine de reintalnire pe aici!!!