This is a neat way to use some extra keys that you may have hiding in a drawer. Lets you organize your keys by using keys!

A quick project that can be done in under an hour.

Step 1: Round Up the Tools!

A person doesn't need much to make this. A pallet board and some screws, a drill with screwdriver bit and a drill bit, 2 pairs pliers, a piece of sandpaper, and a saw. That's it!!

Step 2: Cut the Board to Length

You can make this as long or short as you'd like.

Step 3: Sand

Sand the board to get rid of splinters. Doesn't need to be real smooth though for this project.

Step 4: Drill

Drill 2 holes to mount the board to the wall.

Step 5: Look Through Your Junk Drawer

Find the keys you want to use in your junk drawer. Luckily I saved back a few.

Step 6: Find the Keys Elsewhere

If you don't have any in your junk drawer, there is usually a set like this attached to the pants of a friendly janitor. Just distract him like I did and make a run for it!

Step 7: Brass Works Best

Seems that brass keys bend the best. May want to get a few extras, just in case they break as you bend them.

Step 8: Bend Keys

Bend the keys with both sets of pliers like as in the picture.

Step 9: Screw on the Bent Keys

Screw on the bent keys and you are ready to install.
<p>I ended up doing this with a piece of pallet wood that I planed down and carved with my cnc. I loved the idea!</p>
<p>I love the idea, thanks to share it.</p><p> Now I know what I&rsquo;ll <br>make after my review session&hellip; It will fit well with the decoration of my house <br>:)! I also think that it can make a very great present for people which moves <br>into a new house. It&rsquo;s amazing what we can do with reusable materials!</p><p>And you put things so clearly, Thanks.</p>
Hit me up if anyone needs keys I've gone tons
Great idea!! Thanks for the share
what an amazing idea, going to do this for sure!
<p>Great instructable. Great photos, great step-by-step. Nice work!</p>
One of the most simple yet minimalisticly (my new made up word for the day lol) beautiful!! I absolutely love it and my wife and I are gathering up all our old keys tonight and my son and I are going to make one. We are going to go buy kid keys from our local Walmart and going to make one for my sons room to use as a backpack and jacket holder!! Great, simple, awesome idea!!
<p>Awesome! I would make 2 slight modifications to the technique. As someone suggested earlier, I would definitely heat them while bending. Also I would try bending them around a round pipe so all the bends would have the same curve, and it would be nice and even.</p><p>This is a really cool looking and simple idea, thanks for sharing it!</p>
With regards to your encouragement to steel the keys from a janitor, that is highly illegal. Festival it could cost the janitor his job, it would cost thousands upon thousands to rekey the locks.
<p>That was obviously a joke. </p>
He was obviously joking about the janitor keys. No joking allowed, you might offend someone...
<p>Did something similar this summer. </p><p>Or. And bending the key under heating, is easier.</p>
<p>That is a cool idea. I am going to make one.</p><p>Have a great day!</p>
<p>This is a great idea, nobody knows what to do with old keys but they can't seem to toss them out either.</p>

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