We recently had our floors re-done in laminate flooring.. There were several left-over planks of various sizes... Here is what I've been doing with them.. They have been well received by family and friends. This is an easy and fun project, a great way to recycle and makes a wonderful gift for family and friends...
Follow my easy steps and you too can have these beautiful plaques for your home.

Step 1: Sand and Prime

Picture of Sand and Prime
Step 2 Paint in your choice.JPG
From Printer.JPG
From Wrapping Paper.JPG
Left-over laminate floor.JPG
Step 3  Gather Materials.JPG
Lightly sand and prime the laminate plank..let dry.
millefeori6 years ago
Dear Mrs Nap These plagues are Beautiful.. I Love the sister Love Poem.. & you put much care ~love & time into your wood project,the vertical plague, Yes , it's unique & different. It would fit perfectly displayed by the entry hall as a token of welcome to all friends family guests & neighbors.. Awesome job, keep up the great Work.. God Bless Take care Mille :>
mrsnap1 (author)  millefeori6 years ago
Hi Millefeori, I can't thank you enough for all your wonderful comments.. I truly appreciate your kind words and compliments.. The sister plaque is a special gift for my sister -- she had a favorite poem that she loved and I decided to put it on the plaque for her with a little plaque hanging from the bottom.. I was going to give it to her as a surprise... but I think she spotted it on this website!! lol.. oh well... Thanks again for all your comments... Regards, Anna
trish s mrsnap13 years ago
Ok, mrsnap1, I have a question, I have done a few of these, every time I put the glue on the top to help seal it, the ink on my pictures run. Even if I wait 24 hrs to put the glue on, it still runs, looks awful. Whats the trick to that?
enticement3 years ago
If you want a more antique look for your writing, I used to make antique labeling. Just print phrases out like you did, but take the paper and scrunch it up in a ball one way, then unfold it and scrunch it up the opposite way... Do this a few times and then unfold the paper you're working with and you can stack up to 10 or so in a 13 x 9 pan and pour strong, hot tea (coffee works, but I find tea has a richer color) over the paper and it will stain them. The scrunching texturizes the surface of the paper, and it gives it a more antique look. You could probably do it to all elements, actually, if you wanted to use this idea to make some vintage signs or something similar.
This is great.  im going to make door plaques for my grandkids.  Im disabled and trying to make a few extra bucks, this may be a way i can do it.  Im sure going to give it a try.  Well done   JIM
mathmom546 years ago
An incredible idea! Your talents never cease to amaze me, Cuz. Good luck!
sueartnow6 years ago
MrsNap.....Love your idea! Your easy to follow "how to " directions are GREAT A+++++ !! I am pleased that your recycling laminated wood. That is so important now...I give you the GREEN AWARD TOO !!! Love your signs, and keep up the good work. I have a friend who sells her signs for over $100.00. Keep in mind the hours and detail you put into each project. It is always hard to put a price on something that was made from the heart! Good Luck at your shows. Sue
Dear sueartnow.. you mentioned that your friend also hand designs signs.. how Fabulous, is she selling them on this site for $100.00 may I ask if she sold any of her wood signs? & from what parts of the globe does your friend reside ?...
Dear sueatnow, we live in a very confusing stressful lopsided economy & times are a changing, eh!!!, money is becoming sacred for some not willing to spend it, due to the higher cost of living, but i wish your friend much success in all that she creates ~is this is her only source or means of income...???
May I ask also how did you find this one particular website *winks* .. & is your Friend on here? .. i would love to see some of her wood signs.. :)
Have a pleasant & beautiful evening..
happy in thought & happy in Art & design...mille :)
millefeori6 years ago
Dear MrsNap Hi again ..
I'm sorry I delayed on responding.. We've had some Bad Storms that Kicked out our Internet. I'm back today.. I see you left me a message..
Well, Hon, the price on the laminates all depends on the size of the wood piece,& all of the fine Detailing that you put into each piece..
Hmmm it's hard to say on what is the Best Price Ummmm but let's say around $40 to $50 Dollars for the largest pieces the most decorative & for the small pieces let's say $10 to $15 Dollars.. I've never sold anything in my life, you should get the best price offer for sure.

I Hope that this answered your question I Think it sounds like a a fair Price that most individuals are willing to pay..
After - all it's all hand designed. you're so talented.. thank you
MrsNap, please keep me posted if you're planning on selling your lament art pieces..
Have an Awesome Beautiful Arts & Crafty Sunshiny Day
mille :>
millefeori6 years ago
Hello !! Also one more mention, Are you considering On Selling your Art Wood Floor planks online ..? & how much $$$ Thank You :)
mrsnap1 (author)  millefeori6 years ago
Hi millefeori, So far I've just been making them for family and friends.. I've been told to try selling them at a fair and see what happens... I have no idea how much I would charge... what would you be willing to pay?? Thanks again for your compliments.
bilbar256 years ago
Excellent ! Think I'm also going to try this. One question....the edges of the paper that your verses are printed on ....do you actually paint the edges in any chosen color?...or is that a result of the glue?....Just wondering. Thanks...Bill
mrsnap1 (author)  bilbar256 years ago
Hi bilbar25, Thank you for your comment... I do actually paint or stain the edges of the paper.. whatever dark color I have handy or even in gold...I even tried burning the edges..
millefeori6 years ago
Hello ! I have a Question regarding the lamented floor planks.. would these wood planks~ Umm when all painted and designed, any chance that I could re-place them back onto the floor for decoration like in a nursery or a bathroom..?? can they be walked on.. ? thank you
mrsnap1 (author)  millefeori6 years ago
Hi millefeori, I'm not sure I would replace them in a bathroom...due to the water and moisture involved... but in an area that does not have much traffic... i can't see why not.. as long as you put a few coats of poly top coat on!! I'm guessing it would have to be installed along with the rest of the flooring... I would not want to pick up what had already been installed in order to replace it with the painted one.. Thanks for your comment and great idea!!
millefeori6 years ago
Hello ThunderBeing, thank you for the heads up on the floor planks, when & If companies do discontinue home floor items where do we seek further without having to re- strip the entire flooring, it can get expensive.. but i still love the idea with the reamining floor planks and the art work that one can easily do without any Effort really, JUST LITTLE IMAGINATION & SOME GLUE... LOL...
once again MrsNap thank you so much for sharing your wonderful creative-ness .. looking forward to more creative ideas...
i myself am crafy with flowers & baskets...
i was given the "NickName* ((Basket Case) HAHA!!!& from there the flower Baskets creation was Born i adorn my kitchen shelves with my own hand made flower baskets.. I shop at crafts stores for their best silk flowers on sale or on special... the time to create these baskets is the same amount of time for a pot of water to come to a boil.... and the END results is really very beautiful professional & Yet priced around my budget...
Be well & Happy Crafting everyone..
Mille Feori :>
millefeori6 years ago
this is such a fun Project for all ages, I was looking for easy home crafts simple & yet professional looking,.. Thank You So much MrsNap for sharing your wonderful Art Work ~ I live in a small community & there are plenty of children that would love to get busy with Art Work especially now that school is back in session.. If you don't mind MrsNap if I could pass this along to my neighbors one of my closest neighbor she has 3 very active kids who might love this easy to do at home project.. Thank you again, the materials you used are items I have sitting around my house ~ garage ~ basement~ I think it's a good time now to put them all to good use.. LOL Let me know when you have any other great project in the making... I think I'm in love Mille :>
mrsnap1 (author)  millefeori6 years ago
Hi millefeori, Thank you for your kind compliment.. I would love it if you pass this idea along to your neighbors and friends. Yes, most of the items you will find around the house.. paints, glue, cutouts from any magazine, wrapping paper, etc... Just remember not to use ALL of the leftover laminate... like thunderbeing pointed out... you may need it later for a repair... Thanks again for your comment and I wish you and yours all the best...
Hi all... As a flooring installer, I need to remind you all that if you have leftover planks from a flooring installation in you home, it's best to keep those planks safe in case they are ever needed for repairing a damaged one on your floor. Colors and patterns are being introduced and discontinued on average about every 3 years, and if you need a piece 5 years along, and don't have one, you won't be able to buy more. It's best to go to a store and buy damaged boxes, discontinued colors, etc. at a huge discount.
mrsnap1 (author)  thunderbeing6 years ago
Hi thunderbeing, Thank you for your comment.. You're absolutely right about keeping some planks in case they are ever needed for a damage... When I said I had several left-over planks..... I meant several loose ones not counting the two boxes that were never touched!! lol.... anyway... that's how I got started with this idea-- by using the few left over scraps--- I left the ones in the box intact incase I ever need them, and have been using purchased damaged boxes and loose ones from the store.. Thank you for your input and good advise.. All the best, Mrsnap1
nikita12206 years ago
My Aunt is s talented. They are beautiful.
Nice idea. I have a ton of old glue-together laminate that I got tricked into buying on clearance that I'll never use. I recycled some to make a laptop lap desk. Perhaps I'll pull out a plank to make a sign =)
Diana10166 years ago
This is by far the best instructable I have seen on this site. Each step is so easy to follow! I have a few extra laminate floor planks that are collecting dust in my basement, and I cant wait to finally put them to use! This idea came just in time for the holidays. Nothing says Love like a home made gift. Thanks and I will send you pics on how they came out!!
mrsnap1 (author)  Diana10166 years ago
Hi Diana, Thank you so much for your comment and compliment.. Yes, they do make excellent gifts for the holidays.. I look forward to seeing pictures of the ones you make.. Thanks again and all the best!
hammer98766 years ago
Very crafty. Excellent instructable. Five stars.
mrsnap1 (author)  hammer98766 years ago
Hi hammer9876, Thank you for your rating!! I appreciate the compliment! I just finished making two more and they came out great.... You really can't make a mistake... Just use your imagination and create.. Thanks again and all the best to you and yours..
JonBonchick6 years ago
I must say it takes alot of talent and creativity to come up with something so original as a sign made from old flooring...My compliments to you, sistah dear !!.. Maybe you can make me one, in purple??...With my name on it.....
dortzie6 years ago
Just want to say that I am the recipient of one of these fantastic signs!! First of all I never could have guessed that it came from old flooring, second the idea really blew me away and I loved the personal touch!! I have it hanging right in my doorway and everyone who enters asks me where I got it. It is a great gift to family and friends and really not difficult to make and most of all it comes from the heart instead of a store!! Everyone should try it, I know I am.
Suzib6 years ago
OH MY GOODNESS! I love the sign idea!! You can also get busted boxes at Lowes for 5 bucks a box often!! I just bought several there a couple weeks ago.
mrsnap1 (author)  Suzib6 years ago
Hi Suzib, Thank you for your comment... I forgot to mention in my Instructable that I trim the board all around with a jig-saw as rough as I can to give it that old piece of wood look.. and use whatever paints are left to cover up the raw edges... this really gives it a great finishing touch.. you would never think it's a piece of laminate floor unless you turned it over.. Also.. you can drill two little holes on each end and thread a rope, ribbon, chain...whatever matches the theme best, tie a knot and hang it from that... I love them and they are very well received as gifts for family and friends for any occasion... Thanks again for your comment!
westfw6 years ago
I've had good luck buying laminate flooring in Ikea's "scratch & dent" area; drop a package on a corner and it becomes useless as flooring, but still fine for other projects. The material is pretty neat stuff. I've been using the flooring for paperback bookshelves (might be an instructable, someday...)
laminate bookshelf.jpg
mrsnap1 (author)  westfw6 years ago
Hi Westfw, I love making shelves out of the laminate as well.. but how do you keep it from worping in the middle holding paperback books?? I've noticed that it starts to worp after a while in the middle.. I use it for very lightweight objects. Thanks.
westfw mrsnap16 years ago
I think the big thing is that my shelves are about half-wide (26 inches or so.) I forgot to mention the big advantage of the Ikea "scratch&dent": $10 a package for planks with slight crushed corners, vs about $40 for a good package.
mrsnap1 (author) 6 years ago
What does it mean on this site... when your item is "featured".... ??
westfw mrsnap16 years ago
It means that someone on the "extended" staff thought your project was interesting enough, and well enough done, to get special treatment and exposure. It becomes more likely to show up on the Instructables "front page", appears in the "featured" sort category, and gets a banner across its picture. It's a pretty significant honor. Congratulations!
rerat6 years ago
I'm looking for a material to line a wire rat cage floor, any suggestions?
mrsnap1 (author)  rerat6 years ago
YIKES!!! I have no idea!! Rats are not my favorite subject... sorry!!
Browncoat6 years ago
For priming, it looks like you're using sealant? Is that right??
mrsnap1 (author)  Browncoat6 years ago
Hi Browncoat, I have used Kilz from the can, Rustoleum primer spray and the Kilz Spray/Sealer... I really don't buy anything special.. just whatever i have laying around or whatever is on sale that day... thanks.