Picture of Recycled Laminate Floor Planks
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We recently had our floors re-done in laminate flooring.. There were several left-over planks of various sizes... Here is what I've been doing with them.. They have been well received by family and friends. This is an easy and fun project, a great way to recycle and makes a wonderful gift for family and friends...
Follow my easy steps and you too can have these beautiful plaques for your home.
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Step 1: Sand and Prime

From Wrapping Paper.JPG
Left-over laminate floor.JPG
Step 3  Gather Materials.JPG
Lightly sand and prime the laminate plank..let dry.

Step 3: Gather Materials

You can use a variety of materials to glue onto your plaque.. such as - anything from the internet that you can print, wrapping paper, napkins, pictures and postcards...etc.
I like to use wrapping paper or printed verses.

Step 4: From Printer

Picture of From Printer
Verses and phrases from printer.

Step 5: From Wrapping Paper

Picture of From Wrapping Paper
Any favorite theme from wrapping paper.

Step 7: Brush entire plaque with glue

Brush the entire top of the plaque with the glue.. Glue will go on white but will dry clear..
Make sure to get out any air bubbles caught under the paper... use an old credit card to smooth it out or you can use your fingers... let dry..

Step 11: Sweet Dreams

Here is one I made for the bedroom.... using only paints and letter stencils... Made in under one hour!!!

Step 13: Love Poem

This was a very lengthy poem.. so I turned the laminate vertically.. I made it for my sister, so I added two tiny hooks and attached a sister plaque... I know she will love it!!