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Introduction: Recycled Leather Finger Football

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I finally have some time on my hands to make another Instructable! Today I bring to you a finger football set made by an old football and some other miscellaneous materials. I am not the best fabricator but I try my best so don't mind the mistakes. To make a nice finger/table football set you will need the following:

  • Old football/leather
  • Sewing machine or needle with string
  • 26" dowel rod (any diameter)
  • 2 Clothespins
  • Wood glue and stain
  • Scissors-Knife-Hammer

Step 1: Clean and Cut Leather

Clean and shine the leather for a sleek mini football. Then measure out the triangles.

The spine/long edge should be 2.5" Then in the middle of the line at 1.25" measure a perpendicular line 1.5" long. Then connect the other points to form a triangle.

Cut the leather triangles and prepare for the stitching process.

Step 2: Stitching the Leather

For this step I used a nail to create a hole and a needle to thread the string. When nailing the pieces use a clothespin to hold them together so the holes do not shift. Then use black string to thread the outer holes. For the laces of the mini football, nail out ten points as the picture above shows. Now thread white string through holes similar to before. A sewing machine can be used to simplify this process.

Step 3: Goalposts

Cut the dowel rod into three 6" and one 8" pieces. The 8" section will be used as the crossbar with the 6" pieces as the support as well as left and right posts. I built the base out of clothespins but it can be made any way as long as it stands. Glue the pieces as show above then stain or paint for a vintage look.

Step 4: Play a Game!

Now its time to play some finger football! Be careful with the footballs they can go +15 ft! Very happy with this instructable, made me feel like I was back in middle school. Enjoy!



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    Like a table football but better

    This looks like great fun. Thanks for sharing do have a super day!


    1 reply

    Thank You Sunshiine!

    We used to play this all the time at restaurants while waiting for our order to arrive. We played where you have to flick across the table and if it hangs over the edge you get to kick a field goal.

    1 reply

    We used to do the same when I was a kid. Really passes the time.

    Really smart use of an old football - they look super nice! :D

    1 reply

    Thanks! Threading was a bit difficult but they turned out better than I expected!