Start to replace your light bulbs with CFL's and by next Christmas you can have your own tree!

Step 1: What's Needed

Traffic Cone
Plastic bag to fit inside cone.(stops gluing to cone)
Light bulbs.
E6000 Glue.
Rag,(to keep bulbs in place and make hole in middle for led lights)
This is a really cool project for burned out light bulbs, and I can see accruing them if I don't throw them away when they burn out, but PLEASE before you encourage everyone to switch to CFLs and disable your entire bag of light bulbs, do a search on EMFs, also known as &quot;dirty electricity&quot;. Incandescent bulbs do not put out enough EMFs to even notice, but CFLs emit a surprisingly high level known to cause health problems in susceptible individuals, such as skin rashes, migraines, elevated blood sugars in diabetics, and arthritic conditions. (I learned about all this because I've seen it first hand) Also, unlike European CFLs, American CFLs do not have the capacative circuit meant to lower electricity usage, so they actually end up increasing your power usage, not lowering it.<br>Also, consider the fact that CFLs contain toxic chemicals like mercury, risking exposure to your family members if one is accidentally broken, and they can't just be thrown in the trash like regular bulbs.<br>If you are still opposed to Incandescent bulbs and want a REAL green option, consider LEDs. (THEN you can make your light-bulb Christmas Tree!)
<p>So LED's are probably the answer...</p>
<p>So LED's are probably the answer...</p>
thanks for the mouth-wash.
<p>Hi, I've added your project to the <em style="">&quot;</em><em style="">Unusual Uses for Light-Bulbs</em><em style="">&quot;</em> Collection</p><p>This is the link If you are interested:</p><p><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Unusual-Uses-for-Light-Bulbs/">https://www.instructables.com/id/Unusual-Uses-for-L...</a></p>
So cool! I like it
perfect idea
would be cool if you could make it into a kinda chandelier. would look like an icicle
<p>Design one :)</p>
This was made for the movie &quot;Earthbound&quot; with kate hudson. Filmed in New Orleans.
<p>The Instructables Ive been waiting for. I have this massive pile of used lightbulbs Ive been hanging onto in the sure &amp; certain knowledge that one day someone would post a sufficiently appealling re-use project. Tadaah! Thanks.</p>
That's very nice! If you were a bit of a daredevil you could put the fairy lights in as you glue (if you're careful enough) so that the light will be at the top too.
Good idea.
&nbsp;&nbsp;I didn't realize how much I loved this until I read the instructions. I can't wait to make this for Christmas. :)
This is a good use of them. Sadly I am going the other way with the high failure rate of CFL's vs the incandedents, and I dont think the spirals would look as good with CFLs instead.
New years resolution - change out all your regular bulbs for CFL's and you will have enough to make this project... a new tree for next year! great project..
"Start to replace your light bulbs with CFL's and" But who the HELL?! Has that many lightbulbs shoves in their roof? I knew something like this would come out, the instructables culture is everywhere. But seriously, this is awesome lol
You can also ask friends and family for their old bulbs.
go to a light center that has big display. they'll give you a box at least the size in the pictures
How many light bulbs in your den?
Wow! Very cool! I wonder if something like this could be done with ping-pong balls ala <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Ping-Pong-Ball-Lights/">this</a>this. It would be a little less breakable.<br/>
WoW!! Added to my group! Very slick work.
That's really cool! I need to start getting people to save our burnt out lightbulbs...

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