I made this necklace for the release of Tales of Beedle the Bard back in December. (I went through the day dressed as Luna Lovegood because I couldnt make it to a release party) It turned out great! It is extremely easy to make and is also a great way to recycle an old wine cork.

Step 1: Materials

For this project you will need:
Fishing Line
Old cork (as many as you want, mine only had 1 on it)
Upholsterey needle
beads (optional)
I cringed a little at the use of fishing line, especially if it's a high breaking strain. It can slice skin quite easily if it's pulled across it, especially at the neck! I had visions of spurting carotid arteries! It would be much safer to use a twine and some form of clasp rather than a knot, which would break under extreme stress. Good instructible though.
perhaps a strand of flax? (Linen thread) Decent break strength for a single thread, something like 20 pounds, and not close to as sharp. A clasp-release would be a great safety feature though
it looks just like luna's! nicely done. fviiiiiiiiiiiiiuuhb srry, i spaced out.
It's nice to see someone wanted to go to a release party. When I went with family, we were the only ones there, plus 3 of the staff... nice instructable by the way.<br />
I Like it , is cool
That's a nice Harry Potter prop! I think I'l make my daughter a zipper pull like this. Thanks! Using a drill on low speed with a small bit might be easier and safer than the needle. Then you could go longways.
I'm glad you liked it! Using a drill is probable sater and easier, but I had to use what I had, which was a needle not a drill. Thanks!
I tried it with the drill last night, it works but you still need a needle to pull the thread through. I also used a medium metal file to get the printing off the cork. It took some patience and it roughed up the finish a little but it worked really well. Thanks again, this was a great idea and a simple project that my daughter loved.
Thanks! I'm so happy you liked it!!!

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