One rainy Saturday, my kids were getting sick of watching TV and my 6-year old son asked me if we could make a craft.

I had recently gone through a few of my craft magazines and stumbled on a very brief set of instructions on how to make an “earth day magazine bowl.”  The original design for this was on page 129 in the April 2011 Crafts ‘n Things magazine, and the design is by Linda Valentino.

My son asked if we could eat out of the bowl and I told him no, that I didn’t think it would be a good idea….  But it could be used to keep those smaller loose toys in as well as knick-knacks and randomly found small things that my kids seem to leave everywhere on the floor, the table, the counter, etc.

The instructions were very brief, and made the bowl seem quite easy to make.  It took me and my antsy children a good 3 to 4 hours over the course of an entire Saturday (that includes the glue-drying time) to complete this bowl.  Still, it was fun getting glue on their hands (pretty much everywhere else too) and some on the bowl, and it kept them busy off and on throughout the day!

Step 1: What you will Need

• Recycled magazine(s), total of 25 (colorful) pages
• Aleene’s tacky glue or Elmer’s glue (and glue sticks-I didn’t have any the day we did the project, but I wish I did….)
• Mod Podge and one small sponge brush
• Something to put the glue and mod podge into (I used the cardboard containers from laughing cow cheese wedges)
• Scissors or paper cutter
• Newspaper or other covering to protect your workspace (This is VERY important, especially if you are going to do this with kids)
love this,nifty
Hey congratulations on winning Scoochmaroo Challenge: Reuse!!!
Thank you! It's my first winning 'ible so I am really excited! =D
Love it!
Fantastic! I've started one of these, but I've never found really great instructions for how to finish it or really build it up (I was just sort of shooting from the hip.) Great great instructable!
Thank you so much!
Awesome! I have a cupboard full of magazines that I have nothing to do with. This would be fun to give a try!
That's exactly why I did this bowl! All my craft magazines were piling up so I tore out the pages I wanted to save and my kiddos and I used the rest. I still have about 10+ magazines to go through! It was good motivation for some spring cleaning. ;)

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