Step 5: Work up the Sides of the Bowl

Begin by placing glue on the bottom half of the next added strip.

Continuing around the last coiled strip on the base, begin wrapping the NEXT strip around, half way up the previous row.

Continue inserting strips together, gluing the bottom portion of the strip to the previous row, (we did this to every single strip) and wrapping the strips up to make the sides of the bowl.
The tacky glue worked very well for this, I think because it’s strong and dries fairly quickly – but again, it was very messy.

Repeat this process until all 25 strips are used.

Glue the end of the last strip to the edge of the bowl.
love this,nifty
Hey congratulations on winning Scoochmaroo Challenge: Reuse!!!
Thank you! It's my first winning 'ible so I am really excited! =D
Love it!
Fantastic! I've started one of these, but I've never found really great instructions for how to finish it or really build it up (I was just sort of shooting from the hip.) Great great instructable!
Thank you so much!
Awesome! I have a cupboard full of magazines that I have nothing to do with. This would be fun to give a try!
That's exactly why I did this bowl! All my craft magazines were piling up so I tore out the pages I wanted to save and my kiddos and I used the rest. I still have about 10+ magazines to go through! It was good motivation for some spring cleaning. ;)

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