Recycled Magazine Party Decorations





Introduction: Recycled Magazine Party Decorations

Grab a stack of old magazines and make honeycomb party decorations! Fun to make and absolutely free!

Step 1: Watch the Video Tutorial Here!

Step 2: You'll Need


Hot glue gun



Printout of pattern

Step 3: Print and Cut

Print and cut the pattern in thin cardboard

*I like to use cereal box cardboard Trace it on a stack of magazines

Cut out 56 pieces per party ball

On the first piece, add a dot of glue in the 4 areas pointed out with the red arrows

Place another cut out on top of the glue

Next, add glue in the 3 areas pointed out with the red arrows

Continue alternating 4 dots of glue and 3 dots of glue until you've use all 56 pieces

Step 4: Open and Glue

Glue the cardboard on the top of the stack

Open the pages and glue the cardboard to the other side

Punch a hole in the cardboard and hang from ribbon

Step 5: S, M, L Patterns

Print and cut



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OMG so cool my grandma is going to love this

Totally awesome! love love love it! thank you for sharing and the instructions!

The pleasure is mine MommaBearAmanda!

I have a laundry basket full of old magazines!! I now have a plan on how to use them. Thank you!!!

They look great and are recycled - bonus points for that!

I try to use all of my old magazines...Love recycling stuff!