Recycled Magazine Snowflake Ornaments





Introduction: Recycled Magazine Snowflake Ornaments

Make glittery snowflakes from recycled magazine pages for your Christmas tree!

Step 1: Watch the Quick Video Tutorial Here!

Step 2: You'll Need

Wax paper


White glue

Magazine pages

Americana Multi-Surface Satin in Gold and Silver




Thin ribbon

Step 3: Roll the Paper

Cut magazine pages in half (side to side, not top to bottom)

Roll one sheet around a pencil and add another sheet when you get to the end

*This will make your tubes nice and thick

Glue the end of the paper down

Cut the tubes into 1/2" long pieces

You'll need about 8 tubes to make one ornament

Lay out wax paper

Step 4: Paint and Glitterize!

Squeeze some glue on the edge of your wax paper

Dip the pieces in one by one and build your snowflake

When dry, paint with the gold Americana Multi-Surface Satin

Brush glue on the edges and sprinkle with glitter

Add a ribbon through one of the ends and hang on your tree!



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    Thank you very much for sharing, it is brilliant idea and I can recycle all my old magazines. Happy Christmas x

    I love making these ornaments for Christmas Jasmine. They're cheap and cheerful!

    it is awesome thank you for sharing.

    Thanks for leaving me a comment Lalitha!

    I love how easy these look! Am envisioning a ceiling full of them when walking inside from the entry...Thanks for this !!!

    Fancy! Now I want a HUGE one for my mantle! :D

    Just roll bigger tubes and you're golden Angry!

    Beautiful. I will try this. It's relaxing making things like this at Christmas and would be great for kids too in learning skills that will last a lifetime. Well done.