Step 5: Tie It Off and Trim

Once you tighten your threads, go ahead and tie it off. Again, just like the other know, functionality beats out aesthetics today. Make your knot big, we don't want this thing to come undone.

After the know has been tied, take your blade of choice and trim the extra over off. I recommend doing the back side first, using the paper's edge as a reference. Then flip the whole thing over so the front is face down and the notebook it closed, and trim it again using the edge of the paper as a guide.
<p>might work better to use an awl for the hole punching. I used that and had an old phone book underneath to protect the table.</p>
<p>Awesome idea </p>
Awesome :D
I like this Im going to make one and create my instructables with it...dream of one, wake up write it down...sleep
this is cool mine came out narrow but i&nbsp; love it even more thanks for putting this up. i really like it and ya your spelling abilities are bad but i can say mine are that great either. <br />
W00t, Firefly. Flan for life.
Yeah, that stencil is a pretty good way to screen people as to whether or not we can be friends. :)
Browncoats are everywhere! *woot* <br/>And like to make shiny things from recyclables. How very cool.<br/>
Thanks! I was hoping somebody would pick up on that. :)
Voilà even ;)
Gah... Thanks. I'm afraid my spelling abilities are limited. I'm studying engineering, so I'm only required to math goodly.
Very helpful 'ible, I really appreciated the recycling of the cardboard from the Bisquick and Coke box, it made me realize how much of the cardboard sitting in my recycling bin could be used for something useful!
Thanks! Yeah, the first few I made had no cover, they were just simply bound paper. The normal wear and tear of my backpack pretty quickly chewed them up real badly, so I realized I needed a cover. The purpose of this was to recycle, so I figured I would take some stuff out of the recycling bin to fit the need.
Pretty nice. Thanks for sharing.

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