Step 5: Step 5: Fire!

Now your giant slingshot is ready to fire!

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So you hold the jug upside down, pie-plate up to pullback and launch? I'm not always able to make the leaps others find so obvious, but this looks like fun for my cubscouts...
Just grab the handle and pull backwards. And if you are doing this with cubscouts then do not be disapointed if it does not work the first time. It takes a lot of adjusting.
its going to break and the ball wont go far
You need to get someone to photograph this in the pulled-back position, without that this doesn't look like something that works. Can you do that and update? L
I made this a while ago so I took it down... But it does work! I shot the wiffle ball over my house...
Cool. You don't need a swing....

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