Picture of Recycled Milk Jug Bird House
As Earth Day is around the corner, and birds are starting to build nests, I decided to make a recycled bird house. This bird box is designed for chickadees. Chickadees happen to be my favorite bird since I have built houses for two generations of these birds.
Chickadees prefer houses about 6 or 7 inches square, with a hole about 1" in diameter.And so a milk jug is about perfect for Chickadees. On to the parts list!!!!

Step 1:

Picture of
-A milk jug
-duct tape
-a sharpie
-a long bolt or pencil
triumphman2 years ago
I made some birdhouse roofs with those milk jugs and they looked great. But after one winter the plastic got brittle and broke apart very easily. So beware! FYI
kretzlord2 years ago
I know that I am late to the party, but just have to say how great this project is. Simple, involves recycling, and helps you learn about and help local wildlife. I'll definitely be doing this with my kids this spring
jackjackboom (author)  kretzlord2 years ago
Thanks!! Show me how they turn out!
Thank you, young man. I am going to have kids ages 11 to 14 make this for a program at the public library where I work in 2 weeks. It is very well done. Your instructions are very clear & the photos are excellent. Really appreciate it.

When you say you fly whenever you can, I hope you mean in a plane!

Mrs. Bandhold, Youth Services Librarian
Plattsburgh (NY) Public Library
jackjackboom (author)  sharblibrary3 years ago
That is so awesome!! I never knew my idea would spread like that!
(And yes i do fly in planes!)
Judith7563 years ago
Great ible. You did a good job with the pictures and info on how the chickadees like their homes. Keep up the good work.
jackjackboom (author)  Judith7563 years ago
thank you so much!!