Recycled Milkcarton Birdseed Dispencer


Introduction: Recycled Milkcarton Birdseed Dispencer

About: Technics/ arts and crafts teacher at a school for mentally disordered young adults.

A very quick and simple way to make your own birdseed silo. Without any special materials you can make a perfect functioning birdfeeder from waste material.

One empty milk carton

a pair of scissors

two staples and a stapler

Piece of wire or string


Step 1: The Cut

Find an empty 1 litre pack of milk, yoghurt or something like that. Cut of the bottom with a 2 cm rim. Rinse the inside of the box .

Step 2: The Fold

Push a section of the front side inward by making a diagonal fold on each side.

Step 3: The Assembling

Place the box inside the bottom. Secure with a staple on each side.

Step 4: The Finish

Attach a piece of wire or string to hang the box. Fill it with birdseed, and select a place in the garden.

Wait till the birds discover their new fastfood restaurant.



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En dan zeggen de Belgen dat Nederlanders zuinig zijn.

Ik vind dit ook zuinig, maar wel heel slim bedacht!

Smart idea. And cheap. More money for birdseed.