My university had a bunch of old server motherboards that were headed to the dumpster. I decided to see the feasibility of turning them into something useful!

Go ahead and grab the attached pdf plans, print them out full size, and build your own!

Step 1: Prepare the Motherboard

Pop in your earbuds, turn up some tunes, and spend some quality time with your heatgun.

If you have a sacrificial toaster oven big enough, that would probably work as well.

Be sure to save the electronics components! All those capacitors and connectors are pretty useful for other hacking projects.

<p>Hello I was wondering exactly what battery you used</p>
Hello, a beautifull job ! But what do you utile for lead the drone ?
<p>Super awesome! probably way to complicated for my middle school stem students but I wish...</p>
<p>what type of controller u r using in it</p>
<p>Wait a second! is the mother board just for the looks or does it have a purpose? </p>
<p>Oh and how much does this cost all together im thinking of making a swarm :D </p>
<p>the best</p>
<p>the best</p>
<p>the best</p>
<p>this is too cool..would this work with a basic arduino though?? </p>
<p>Possibly, although by the time you interface an IMU board, you're probably looking at more expense than just picking up a $15 Multiwii Flip 1.5 board</p>
<p>This is so cool. I built my I own tricopter. But a motherboard Quad?! That is awesome! You should try a KK2.1.5 Board. I have had great experience with them. Plus there only $29 bucks a pop</p>
<p>I have the kk2, and it is a great board. I'm not sure how much better the 2.1/2.1.5 is. Have you compared the two? I ended up trying this flip board since it was only $15, and my kk2's screens and buttons are pretty destroyed anyway.</p>
<p>What camera did you use on that? How much weight will the copter lift?? Also if I want to build this to learn but hten build another should I get 30A ESC's?</p>
<p>Camera for the photos was a mix of my Nikon V1 and my HTC One S phone. You can put a lot of weight on the copter, but your flight times will get lower and lower. I wouldn't put more than 300 more grams on this (no more than a gopro + gimbal). 30A ESC's aren't really necessary unless you want to scale up to bigger multicopters. I will try to upload a template for the frame pieces and measurements for the arms.</p>
<p>I have uploaded the plans in the intro section if you are interested in building your own.</p>
<p>Could you post the frame drawing so we could cut it?</p>
<p>Yes! Sorry it took so long. You can download the plans in the intro section</p>
ok it looks like you're zipties are looped through the motor frame, which would keep the props from moving?
<p>Nope, these are outrunner motors so the entire bell rotates.</p>
Nice job! This instructable can totally apply to many other materials for the body, which is awesome!
<p>Well done!</p>
That looks really cool!

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