Picture of Recycled Mp3 Player Altoids Case!
A simple case for your beloved friend, your mp3 player!

This case is made completely from recycled materials (minus the tape or glue) you can carry it anywhere with out it getting noticed or stolen (but don't let it sit out in the open) it looks like an ordinary Altoids tin but if you open it your special friend is waiting for you!

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
The things you need are:

       Some thin cardboard. (big enough to fit over the Altoids tin 4 times) (tag board works too)
       An Altoids tin.
       Paper you want to recycle.
       A pen.
       Last but not least your mp3 player!

       Some tin snips or side cutters.

cool idea
foxtrot46975 years ago
the title makes me think of an altoids case made from a mp3 player you recycled
I3uckwheat (author)  foxtrot46975 years ago
 oh lol sorry for the confusion