My husband and I drink A LOT of mountain dew.  I love finding new ways to recycle things, so I've been saving all of the empty 2-liter bottles for a while now and have been coming up with new and awesome ideas for things to do with them.

My favorite trait of the Mountain Dew bottle is it's signature green color.  This makes it ideal for a number of geeky craft projects, especially around Halloween.  When I noticed the similarity in shape and color between the mountain dew bottles and the plastic witch brooms popping up in the Halloween stores, an idea struck my face.

What You Will Need:
3 - 5 Empty 2-Liter Mountain Dew Bottles
Hot Glue Gun
Scissors or X-Acto Knife
A Stick
Masking Tape

Step 1: Making the Base of the Broom

First, take a Mtn Dew bottle and remove the label.

Then, cut off the bottom, making sure to leave to rest of the bottle as long as possible.

Fold the 2-liter in at the top where the curved top turns to the straight sides of bottle, as shown in the pictures.
For a true, "green" witch - Love it!
Looks fantastic! How functional is it as an actual broom?
I'm so glad you asked! It works EXCELLENTLY as a broom. I've been keeping mine on.the front porch to be festive AND I use it to sweep away the leaves and dust. The more bottles you use on the bottom, the thicker your broom will be and the better it will work!
What if you would insert a bright LED light on the base of the broom? If the light is bright enough, it could produce an eerie glow to the bristles... Or would the plastic strips be too opaque for that?
That is an EXCELLENT idea! The plastic is transparent green, and would look beautiful lit up!
Upload some pics if you get it working ^^
This is soooo clever and so very effective! I love the color and the contrast between the plastic and the rough wood handle is brilliant! My daughter wants to be a witch this year, so I may have to track down some bottles...thanks for sharing your great idea!
That is a crazy good idea! Are there any brown plastic bottles like that? That would be neat.
Miller Lite has a 16oz plastic bottle that is dark brown. (my personal favorite)
I believe some root beers come in a brown bottle? You could try one of those!
I have been saving colored plastic bottles also and love this color! What a clever idea! Thanks for sharing! <br>Sunshiine
Love it!
What a great idea for a cheap Halloween decoration! I will definitely make this for halloween.

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