Recycled Newspaper Clock





Introduction: Recycled Newspaper Clock

This clock is made from recycled newspapers again. I tried to do something different and easy. I made it in about 5 hours with drying. Searching on internet I found that this one is unique.

Step 1: Making Rolls

I made rolls from newspaper cut to dimensions 30cm x 10cm (about 12in x 4in). I rolled them on BBQ bamboo sticks with 1.5mm (about 0.06in) thickness. For the ring I use 12 rolls and for inside part 26 rolls.

Step 2: Bending Ring

The ring was bend around 24 cm (about 10in) pan. Glued and paint in dark color.

Step 3: Making Inside Part of Clock

Inside part made from 26 rolls, glued and cut to meet the ring.

Step 4: Final Assembling

Put together two part and glue them.

For the mechanism I drill hole in the middle of the inside part of the clock.

Insert the mechanism.

Step 5: Remarks

Dimension are not critical you can make it with different dimensions and colors.

At the end I saw that the clock hands should be different color to be seen easier.



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