Step 1: Materials






Step 2: Steps

Get the bowl and put the newspaper over it.
Tape it around the hat
Straighten the hat with a scissor
Add decorations

Step 3: Results

You can use at least 7 newspapers.
<p>One quick question, how many sheets of paper did you use?</p>
<p>This worked so well. I have just had a clear out and found loads of old newspapers, this was easy to follow and was kind of attractive, unlike the more traditional paper hat. After I finished making the hats I was so inspired that I went on to make an outfit out of old newspaper. (Sorry I can't post a picture but my computer is being temperamental)</p><p>Thanks for this tutorial, I've put the outfit in my schools Eco-fashion show :D</p>
Great for the outdoors.
This is a great hat!

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