This tutorial will show you how easy it is to recycle clothes!
Here we will take a pack of men's ribbed tank tops and dye them.
They turn out so cute and are perfect for summer.

Step 1: What You Will Need

-A pack of men's tank tops or an old shirt

-Rit Dye: pick out any color you choose! You can find this dye at a large food store, hobby lobby, or any craft store. Do note: if you are going to try to dye something that is dark, try bleaching it first. This tutorial is an example of how to color clothing that is lighter in color. However, dont be afraid to get creative! Click Here to see how to mix their base colors together to get specific shades.

-A bucket, extra large bowl, or a sink. There are many different ways to dye clothing. Read the directions on your bottle and do whatever works for you. For this tutorial I will be using a large bowl.

-A poker stick, a ruler, anything to push the clothes around while they are being colored

-Washing Machine or Hand-wash
Nice one! Except I'm going to use ur method to dye a big piece of white cotton to be slightly grey so that it makes a better screen for my projector :-)

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