Picture of Recycled Organizer from 1/2 Cardboard Box
So you know the feeling? You hold that cardboard box and your hand just won't throw it into the garbage bin... Well, make something pretty out of it! Recycle! 

Follow this quick & easy tutorial - in 2 simple steps, you can make 2 pretty boxes out of a nice-shaped sturdy box!

Let's get crafteeeeyyyy!  =)

Step 1: 0. We need..

Ok, boring step, so keep it short:

+ Measuring tape / ruler
+ Box cutter / craft knife
+ Scissors
+ Glue

Ready? Let's start!

tbcross5 years ago
I am making some larger ones from priority mailboxes since I have them extra, and they'll hold magazines I also have some vinyl wall covering left over so I am using that so they wipe down, and a spray on glue since the wallpaper is heavy. Thanks for the great idea :)
Great idea, just saw it from 2 other contributors. Great minds do think alike!! Oh, I found at Home Depot contact paper that looks like black leather! Oh, yeah, so cool. Could make it look like an attorney's office with all those leather-bound books!
Just joined the site today and great ideas are all over the place. I'm sure I'll be here all the time now!
morCadillac (author)  tbcross5 years ago
Hi tbcross,

good to hear you like it =)

Thanks for your ideas, too!
+ Vinyl (wipe-able) sounds perfect.
+ Mailboxes will probably make much more stable ones than these.

I'm looking forward to seeing your results! ^^
ChrysN5 years ago
Nice idea, I really like the paper that you used.
morCadillac (author)  ChrysN5 years ago
So do I =)
Thank you for your kind comment, ChysN!
I like your 'Coffee Cup Clock' project! All the best for the contest.