Made It at TechShop (PGH) - Recycled Pallet Wood Desk





Introduction: Made It at TechShop (PGH) - Recycled Pallet Wood Desk

1)Find a handful of old pallets.

2)Break down the pallets and remove all nails. (This is very important as you do not want nails screwing up the SawStop)

3)Using the planer, plane down legs to be all even width/height. Cut legs to length on miter saw.

4)Plane all top boards to same depth. Cut to length using miter saw, and width using table saw.

5)Use Kreg Jig to attache legs to planed 2x4s

6)Add cross beams to table frame and use brad nails to attach boards to top.

7)Stain and finish table.



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    that last question was actually me- didnt realize someone else was signed in! :/

    Ive always read warnings about using pallet wood for inside projects due to the risk of mold and other silent but deadly yucks... whats your opinion on that?

    Wow! That's really nice. The stain really adds to the finish product.