Recycled Plastic: Mini Greenhouse





Introduction: Recycled Plastic: Mini Greenhouse

There are a lot of good Instructabels here for uses for recycled plastics and seed starting. Here is one more.

Step 1: Collect and Sterilize Your Containers:

Don't let these go into the trash. They are easily stacked and cleaned. I have seen used egg cartons sell on eBay, . . . somebody try this - if you don't need them, see if you can clean them and sell them!

Step 2: Add Your Media:

Use potting soil, dirt, or these Jiffy Peat Pellets.

Step 3: Moisten Media:

Add water.

Step 4: Seed:

Place your seeds.

Step 5: Cover:

Reattach the top and place it near sunlight on a window ledge or rack.

Step 6: Label:

Remember to label your containers so you know what it contains! Watch it and add water as needed.



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    Actual peat moss does take years to develop. Most of what you get today is a variant called Sphagnum, which is renewable.

    this is cool when spring comes around again i'll try

    While very convenient, I have learned that peat is a not an easily renewable resource. Perhaps something can be substituted?

    i've heard the same thing a few times here. i looked it up and found that the cons of its use are because it takes many years of decomposition for it to develop and it creates the perfect and ONLY ecosystem for many types of micro organisms which can only survive in those specific environments. but... its sooo convenient... the dilemmas...

    i've used an idea similar to this, my boxes are completely clear and have a hinged lid....they dont pop off when i dont want them too, also i just fill the bottom with a shallow amount of germinating seed mix, i did have a problem with my last seeds, vinca, which are suppose to germinate in the dark for 20days, lol it took 4 or 5 i say this cause i checked them one day nothing, but the day after next they were tall not healthy i'm hoping i can save them, but curious on why they germinated so quickly, guessing the temp????and besides that they were reaching for light does forcing them to geminate that quickly hurt them....i mean for the end product.

    From my experience, I have not been able too salvage seeds that get to spindely too quickly. - better luck with yours!!

    I got an idea a while back to use an old cake container you know the plastic ones that the cakes at the store come in. Any ways I thought that one of those and two small/semi-shallow tup-aware containers would do the same thing quite nicely. I haven't tried it yet but if I do and it works I'll make sure to post it as an Instructable. Keep up the good work no need to through away anything thats perfectly re-usable.

    Yah this was fun. I also used the roll idea from this [ instructable.]instructable. Thanks for posting.

    Recycle seed starter.jpg

    Why is this in the LED contest?

    I don't know. I checked the checkbox but didn't know what it was for. Don't see how to undo it.