I love sending postcards... and getting postcards! (Well actually any mail that's not a bill) Something about having a kind, thoughtful note in your hand.   Equally fun is finding a quiet spot, mountain side or coffee shop to sit and write, or draw and paint.  So I've created this postcard kit to take along with me, wherever I may wander. 

Step 1: What You'll Need

To make the case:
  • 1 or 2 old T-shirts (depends on how big the shirts are) 
  • Sewing machine  (not impossible by hand... just lots of layers)
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Rope, or  ribbon
  • Piece of cardboard or mat board to make a template/pattern.
  • Chalk or those markers that erase in the wash.
  • Safety pin
  • Box cutter & metal ruler or paper cutter
To make the postcards: (optional)
  • Box cutter & metal ruler or paper cutter
  • 1 ply cardboard from cereal boxes
  • Sandpaper (not pictured)
To make the address book: (optional)
  • Box cutter & metal ruler or paper cutter
  • 1 ply cardboard from cereal boxes
  • Scrap paper
  • Hammer
  • Needle & strong string (I'm using hemp)
  • Nail
  • Wooden block to hammer on
  • Sandpaper (not pictured)

this is really a neat idea. I feel like we are missing out on something since people stopped writing each other. I have many of my grandparents letters and postcards to each other when seperated and to &amp; from friends and family and they are truely works of art. <br>I was wondering do you make your own postcards entirely or do you use old ones and add onto them?
Thank you, <br>I do a little of both, and/or everything. I like recycling things, giving them new life, or extending it a bit :-) <br>I still have all the letters my mother sent me when I was a child, my folks split up, and lived on separate continents... there was something really comforting about having a box of letters I could peek through when ever I felt like it. So yeah, I agree there is something nice about having a note or letter... that's not quite the same as going through your inbox.
Well you inspired me to make my first ible and we've now joined postcrossings here's a link to my postcard ible. Thanks for the great idea!! <br><br>https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-hand-make-beautiful-postcards-from-recycled/
That's a wonderful 'ible... your cards are beautiful, they make me smile!
very nice project...I will make one
Ohhh, please post a picture when you do... my favorite is seeing people make and do!! :-)
Naturally But wait. Now I am gathering the materials....
Great ideas, thanks for sharing. Will try for sure!
plz vot 4 me in the office supplies contest 4 my DIY tattoo machine.<br>PLZ<br><br>Thanks, emihackr97.
You should check out the Postcrossing project at http://www.postcrossing.com<br>Send postcards to, and receive postcards from random postcrossing members<br>around the world.
Postcrossing is a wonderful site, I actually enjoy it a lot! Great suggestion for people who might be interested in this instructable.
Nice project, and really well documented too.

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