After completing a largish rain barrel project, I had a number of decking planks left over from a 5'x4' wood pallet that I had rescued from a dumpster. I decided to turn them into something useful, rather than figure out where to store them for future use. Since I had already dragged all my tools outside for completing the rain barrel project, I didn't have much of an excuse for heading toward the couch for a late afternoon nap. A big labor component of my projects is dragging all the tools outside to my fresh air workshop, so once the tools are outside, I try to maximize their use.
This Instructable details the making of a simple, functional, sturdy reclaimed lumber side table that we use as a potted plant stand. Working with pallets has it's own unique challenges as the wood is very often damaged, split, wavy and knotty. It is also mostly rough saw-cut wood, so the potential for getting splinters is high. So work with care and lets get started 

Step 1: Tools and Stuff

The tools I used for this are:
  • Miter Saw - for cutting to pieces to length
  • Table Saw - for ripping the boards into 3" wide planks. You can also use the table saw for cutting the planks to length but the Miter saw is far more efficient for this task.
  • Nail Gun - 18 gauge brad nailer with 1-1/2" brad nails and air compressor. You can use a hammer and nails if this is what you have
  • Steel Tape - for measuring. 
  • Set Square - to make sure things are at right angles to each other
  • Wood Glue - Waterproof wood glue like Elmers Max
The raw material I used:
  • 6-1/8" x 1" x 49" boards from a 5'x6' pallet. I used 4 boards total.
That's all for the materials. And here's the disclaimer:
Please make sure you understand safe working practices for your power tools. They can cause serious injury very quickly. Make sure your wear appropriate safety equipment recommended in the manuals that came with your power tools. Always read the manuals for safe operation. A power saw can kick the work piece back at you at high velocity - always work outside of the "line-of-fire" - check your manual.. 

<p>Excellent : Made two of them as Side tables/Planters on Patio. </p>
Looks fantastic!
That is a really nice little table
Great Instructable. I made a modified version using decking timber.
Looks great! Thanks for posting pictures
great Instructable! I made one, and now all the neighbors want one! Hardest part about this is trying to fit pallets into my Chevy cobalt!<br>
That looks awesome! Thanks for posting the pictures. <br>I use the wife's minivan for loading pallets. Also not ideal but definitely easier than the Chevy cobalt!<br>
Definitely gonna need to try this one out.

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