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Introduction: Recycled Rain Stick

Unusual Uses: Bathroom Challenge

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Unusual Uses: Bathroom Challenge

I made this rain stick from 2 large and 2 small toilet paper tubes.I had a lot of them lying around and I saw this contest so I thought I would make this photo instructable .
I joint all the tubes together and then poked about 100 BBQ sticks cut to size.Then I glued all the wholes and closed one side and then put some rice in it and then sealed the other side.

One good tip is to use sugru to seal the holes after the sticks have been poked in so that the sticks do not move and the rice does not fall out.(I tried it and it works perfectly).Here's where you can buy some sugru(

I hope this give you some new ideas to make different versions of this.
If anyone makes this please try and post a picture as a comment on this instructable.
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    lol, in your dreams CHAOS. You don't even know what cool really looks like. :p


    I can see where you've suggested that sugru would work, but I can't see where you've actually used it.

    It all depends on you, if you think this is fake sugru, well then...
    I'll atleast try to the win one of the 3 prizes with this ible

    I'm not suggesting the use of "fake sugru", I just didn't see until now where you actually used the sugru (instead of the glue), but now I see it in the second to last photo.

    hahah this is fake!
    thats not even sugru!
    nice try
    trying to win the minor prize

    Does that mean it's not valid for the special prize?

    I like rainsticks, and especially the noise they make, good instructable well done, was thinking of subscribing to you but maybe I'll wait for some more time

    Thanks and please vote