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I was accumulating disposable razors in my shaving cabinet and thought about recycling them into a nice clock. So here goes the ible

Step 1: Parts Needed

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Parts needed are 12 used disposable razors(mine were Gillette), old unusable CD/DVDs(1or2),quartz clock mechanism and hot glue gun

Step 2: Putting It All Together

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Draw diagonal lines on the reverse side of the CD with 30 degrees angle between each line representing each 5 minute interval.
Use hot glue gun and dab a bit of hot glue on the CD aligning to the lines drawn and press down a Razor on to the CD gently and align the direction and once aligned press and hold firmly till the glue cools down. Continue to fix all the remaining 11 razor handles. Once everything cools down apply another layer of hot glue to ensure all are firmly in place.
Affix the clock mechanism to the CD Centre and plug in the hands of the clock.
Hang it on your wall and enjoy your creation. You have done your bit to save the environment from plastic waste

Step 3: How It Looks!

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aishwarya.agarwal (author)2017-12-28

This is great! :D

RobertC2 (author)2017-05-27

I had no idea why I was saving all those old, dull razors... now I know!

ravijag (author)RobertC22017-05-27

Make your own and let us know how it turned out. Cheers!

shreekulkarni (author)2017-05-19


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