Recycled Record Clock





Introduction: Recycled Record Clock

This is a clock that I made from recycled materials for a new media art class.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
An old clock (to get the working parts from)
A hot glue gun with lots of hot glue sticks
A school glue stick
A record
A bunch of old magazines

Step 2: Making the Magazine Rolls

1. Take the staples out of your magazines and separate the pages where the staples use to be.
2. Starting at one corner, roll each individual page so that it forms a tube. I suggest rolling it with a pencil or wooden dowel in the middle.
3. Glue the very last corner of the page on the outside of the tube.
4. Remove the pencil or dowel rod.

I used around 100 of these tubes to make my clock.

Step 3: Constructing the Clock

1. Lay your record on the floor or a table.
2. Lay the magazine tubes on the record where you would like them to be. The closer to the middle of the record you place them, the smaller your finished product will be.
3. Before you glue them down, make sure that you have them exactly where you want them.
4. Glue them down.

I glued my first set down, and then made a second, less colorful set of tubes to but between them. This just gives it a fuller look, but it looks great even before that.

Step 4: Putting the Clock Together

Take the hands and mechanism from your recycled clock and put them on your record using the hole in the middle.
How your clock comes apart will depend on the clock.

Step 5: Hanging Your Clock

You can glue a string or pipe-cleaner with hot glue to the back of your clock to hang it on the wall.



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    This is incredibly cool and creative. Thanks for sharing it.

    Wow, this is really beautiful, I'm going to be making one for a housewarming gift now :)
    Thanks for the inspiration!

     Thank you so much.
    I hope yours came out really well too!

    Yeah, it was awesome, the person I made it for loves it :)
    Thanks again :D

    just did it it turned out AMAZINGGGG better than i expected next im making one for my sister and brother but adding personal touches to the center andd not a clock.. also more options are a picture in the middle and adding glue to fake jewels and sticking them in the middle..... THANKS AGAIN

    Solariana, Your idea is amazing!! I thought of a similar wall hanging instead of the clock in the middle.

    I am glad yours turned out so well! That's a great idea with the picture in the middle.

    Cool, the magazine rolls add a nice touch.