Step 1: Materials

You will need:
An old clock (to get the working parts from)
A hot glue gun with lots of hot glue sticks
A school glue stick
A record
A bunch of old magazines
This is incredibly cool and creative. Thanks for sharing it.
Wow, this is really beautiful, I'm going to be making one for a housewarming gift now :) <br /> Thanks for the inspiration!<br /> <br /> <br />
&nbsp;Thank you so much.<br /> I hope yours came out really well too!
Yeah, it was awesome, the person I made it for loves it :) <br /> Thanks again :D<br />
just did it it turned out AMAZINGGGG better than i expected next im making one for my sister and brother but adding personal touches to the center andd not a clock.. also more options are a picture in the middle and adding glue to fake jewels and sticking them in the middle..... THANKS AGAIN
Solariana, Your idea is amazing!! I thought of&nbsp;a similar wall hanging instead of the clock in the middle. <br /> <br />
I am glad yours turned out so well! That's a great idea with the picture in the middle.
Cool, the magazine rolls add a nice touch.

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