Recycled Ribbon Organizer





Introduction: Recycled Ribbon Organizer

Ribbon poses a storage problem for those of us who use it. Many of us want it visible, but need to keep those loose ends out of the way and perhaps protect it from our feline friends.

In this instructable I will share with you how I make Ribbon Organizers out of wet wipe containers that would normally be thrown away.

This could be applied to many things, not just the items that I'll show.

(In the near future I'll be switching to non-disposable wipes, but in the meantime lets recycle this "trash")

Step 1: Supplies and Tools Needed

- Empty Wipe Container (I've used one that is from kitchen wipes and shown an example of one from a baby wipes box)

- Paper or Fabric that you like.

- Wooden Dowel or bamboo skewer.

- Exacto or craft Blade

- Metal Ruler

- Tape or glue. (It is your preference)

- Pencil or other marking tool.

Step 2: Draw and Cut Out Window

- First we're going to use our ruler and cut out an appropriate sized window so that we can view our ribbon.

(You can modify this to be just slits to pull your ribbon through or however you feel would work best for you. I just want to be able to see it as I generally take the spool out that I want to use and run off with it.)

- Here I've traced out a 6.5" by 1" rectangle in pencil.

- Now use the exacto blade to cut it. Please be cautious when doing this, use a metal ruler and take your time. Don't try to cut through on your first cut, make some light cuts first. This makes it so much easier and less likely you are going to be pushing super hard, slip and slice your finger off. (That would cause a lot of blood and pain, speaking from experience)

Step 3: Making It Spiffy.

At this point you could just stop, but you might want to make it a little prettier to go with your decor.

-Measure your container for size and trace it out on your paper.

-Cut your paper to size, wrap it around, and lightly tape it. (we'll be taking it off again in a minute)

-Use your pencil and mark the cutout on the inside as shown.

-Remove the tape and lay paper out flat.

-Draw cut lines, I've shown the cut lines in blue for you. It is basically two little triangles from the small sides and a line intersecting.

-Cut where I have marked in blue.

-Now wrap it back onto your container and tape or glue it into place, make sure to line up the window evenly.

-Fold the flaps in and tape it securely on the inside. (Or use glue if you prefer)

Step 4: Add Optional Dowel

I don't use a dowel in my ribbon organizers because I usually remove them to use them, but a lot of you will want to spool the ribbon as it is.

For the example I used a bamboo skewer and cut it to size. I've just pushed it to the side and snapped it right into what was once the part you pulled the wipes through. Alternatively you could poke it through the top or just leave it be so when you shut the top it fits snug.

Step 5: Finished Product and Alternative Ideas.

Snap the lid back on and put it wherever you want it.

I am including pictures of the first two I made with a baby wipe container. You can easily use the same concept for these. What makes it even more fun is you have a rubber opening at the top that is great to keep the ends of the ribbon in place and/or pull the ribbon from.

Another thought is to put something clear on the "window" for protection.

Thank you for reading through and I hope it helps someone with their ribbon storage issues!



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    this came just in time
    thanx 4 the share
    man this sait is great
    and filed with great ideas

    Neat idea. For any fisher persons out there, this might also work as storage/dispenser of leader material/line spools.

    1 reply

    Very good idea! I actually do fish too and hadn't thought of that use! Thank you :) Maybe have small holes instead of a large window since the line behaves a little differently. Going to go see what I can come up with.

    I so need to make one of these! We go through so many wipes!

    Excellent!  I got some oatmeal boxes and such that could work too.

    love it! thanks for the tips. i have a lot of ribbon and wipey boxes, so this is perfect. thanks again!

    I was thinking when I first saw the picture of an oatmeal box..and a papertowel empty tube... but maybe it would be too wide. Great idea.. now if I could just roundup all my spools of ribbon from the many storage places... I could get them organized like yours.

    This is unique! I'm definitely doing this for my mom, she's got a ton of ribbon reels, sooo messy, she's gonna love it! thanks for sharing

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for a BRILLIANT idea for getting my ribbons stored nicely, and in an easy to use fashion too.

    WOW! I love, love, love this! Definitely going to try it. I bet oatmeal containers would also work well. someone else said wire, have to try that too. I once saw in a Martha magazine storing Ribbon on a copper rain gutter attached to the wall above a window. I loved that idea too but it would get so dusty. This is just great, thanks!

    This is great! I might use this to store my spools of wires!

    1 reply

    Oh thank you and what an awesome idea! I hadn't thought of it for wire, that would work out wonderfully.

    I love this one! It's a shame the cats went after the ribbon ends even with the wet wipes box, as that seems a spectacular way to access your ribbons.

    Thanks-I currently store ribbons on dowels but your method looks much neater.

    omg... this is genius! My ribbon is all in a drawer and it bugs me that I can't just bring them all out. I have one of those containers next to me empty, I was about to go toss it in the recycle bin haha now I can really recycle it!

    1 reply

    Aww thank you so much. Yes! I love to be able to see all the ribbon I have it inspires me to actually use it. I'm glad you have a way to recycle that now too :)

    I LOVE THIS! What a wonderful idea for all those wet wipe containers. I have several "commercial made" ribbon containers that do not work well for me. I got to try this!!

    1 reply

    Thank you! and I hope it works for you, I've tried so many different methods and will probably keep on experimenting. (the cats leave these alone unless I have ribbon poking out)