Recycled Shirt Pillows!

Picture of Recycled Shirt Pillows!
Does your child have a favorite shirt that got too small? Maybe you want to keep your class t-shirt or your shirt from your first soccer league. You can stuff a team jersey, a character t-shirt, or your babies first outfit. You can recycle it by making a pillow out of it and keep it forever! You can either sew all of the open areas of an entire shirt, or cut out the front design, and back panel and make a regular pillow in any shape you choose. The shirt we did as an example is a t-shirt my son liked that got too small for him. It was too cute to hide in a bag in the closet so we made a pillow out of it. All you need is the shirt, some polyester fiber fill, scissors, a needle and thread, and a sewing machine with matching thread color. Be careful if you are using a sewing machine, and if you are under 12, get some help from an adult. Make sure you see step 9, another example of a pillow we made. Remember to recycle the clothes you don't want to make pillows into by donating them to a charity in your area. It feels good to help others and the environment!
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Step 1: Cut the out the design you want on the front of the pillow.

Picture of Cut the out the design you want on the front of the pillow.
Cut out the design you want to be on the front of the pillow. You may cut it in any shape you like. For example: a square, rectangle, circle, heart or any other shape. We did a rectangle for this shirt because the design fit best with this shape. If you are using the whole shirt you can skip this step.

Step 2: Flip your fabric inside out.

Picture of Flip your fabric inside out.
Flip the pieces of fabric so the image you want on the front of the pillow and the back of the pillow are together as if they would be on the inside of the pillow instead of the outside of the pillow. This is called, putting the right sides together. If you are sewing the entire shirt, you turn the shirt inside out for this step.
I'm sure if you take a XL or XXL size tee and make a pillow with it, it would be a good backrest to use in an office chair, car, etc.
jnifrwebb3 years ago
when I sew t-shirt jersey material, it gets a little stretched out. What is the best way to keep this from happening?
DorkDude4 years ago
Yay, cool idea. I like personlized things and havent been able to find any pillows like that, but now I can just buy funky, cheap tshirts from the thrift store and make my room more colourful.
D.L.H.4 years ago
This is a cool idea
Kroft4 years ago
This is an awesome idea! I am not a kid anymore really....but I think I am going to try this with some of my old ts. Hope your instructable gets lots of votes!
I am doing this withb mty fav shirt It got broke the iother week!

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