Step 2: Remove the Wrist Straps

 Just pull 'em off
Someone once said &quot;you can't just stick screws on something and call it Steampunk&quot;. That aside, what aspects of this make it &quot;steam-&quot; as opposed to &quot;cyber-&quot; (which it looks more like)?<br /> <br /> L<br />
not only that, but most(steam or cyber) have some amount of functionality....<br />
Now looky here -273c, art doesnt need to do anything but evoke an emotional response.<br />
Very clever.<br>But this is not labeled as art, at least nowhere my mortal eyes can see.
Even if the emotional response is anger at the author using words wrong?
&nbsp;Im not sure how many on this side of the pond understand the steampunk style or its rules, I know I don't. I do however enjoy the creations. While this construction may not qualify as steampunk I think the &quot;ible&quot; itself is well done with lots of clear pics showing each step (ok some not so clear but what the heck..) I DO consider this a form of recycle sculpture and while it stands on its own it would be really cool incorporated into a larger project
thank you<br />
ok... i was bored, had some time and a broken watch soooo i dont really care

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