Introduction: Recycled Sweater Head and Arm Warmers

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This project is super fast, super easy and super cute.

Step 1: Choose a Sweater

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I got mine at a thrift store. 75% wool and 25% something else. I felted it by washing it in hot and drying on hot a few times. Mine has a pocket on the tummy that will be left on when I make the hat.

Step 2: Hat

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Cut the hat piece across the chest and under the arms.

Step 3:

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Turn hat piece over and cut up through the back of the sweater.

Step 4:

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Measure head

Step 5:

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Cut to size.

Step 6:

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Put right sides together and sew up the left side of previous picture.

Step 7:

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Place on head to check fit and to choose how big you want the top to be. I chose where my fingers are.

Step 8:

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It was about an inch, so with right sides together, I sewed it an inch.

Step 9:

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Cut off excess.

Step 10:

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Turn right side out and decide how much you want to angle in the corners. You don't have to do this step if you like the way it looks now. I chose my angle based around the pocket on the front of the hat. Turn right sides together. The measurements were about 2" in on each side of the corner and then sewn from point to point. Repeat on both sides.

Step 11:

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Cut excess off of both sides.

Step 12:

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Turn right side out and admire.

Step 13: Arm Warmers

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Measure how big you want these to be, I chose 10.5", so i cut the arms off at this measurement.

Step 14:

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Cut a whole in the position the thumb goes through. This is as far as I went on this step. Since my material is felted, it won't frey, so I didn't bother any further. Cut the other with the same measurements.

Step 15:

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I chose to zig zag stitch around the top of these warmers to give them a little flare, but this step is optional.

Step 16:

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There you have it. Super cuter, super warm, super easy. This one even has a cool pocket on the front to put your treasures in (ehem........hotwheels). Stick it on a really sweet monkey and your good to go. He thinks he is a super hero of sort ..................... and that, he is!


ccbabyfactory (author)2009-10-13

 thank you for the comment!  :)

porcupinemamma (author)2009-10-12

Lovely idea, and really frugal-frugal is good :)

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