Recycled T-Shirt Scarf





Introduction: Recycled T-Shirt Scarf

This is a super simple way to use up some old t-shirts that you have lying around. It really only takes about 10 minutes to turn an old t-shirt into a super cute scarf! So here is the step by step!

Step 1: What You'll Need

What you need is an old t-shirt (with no seams down the side), a good pair of scissors, and a big tapestry needle.

Step 2:

First cut off the bottom hem of the t-shirt and put it aside.


Step 3:

Now cut the t-shirt into thin strips.


Step 4:

Keep cutting until you reach the armpits and have a pile like this!

Step 5:

Now this is the fun part. Take one strip and stretch it. As it stretches the sides of the loop will curl into themselves.

Step 6:

Which will look something like this after you are done stretching. Be careful if you are using a t-shirt with some tiny holes in it, as it will causes the loop to break. So stretch gently!

Step 7:

Keep on stretching until you get a pile like this!

Step 8:

Now you can either trim the seam off the hem or use a loop that broke while stretching for this next part. But basically you want a string made out off a t-shirt loop.


Step 9:

Take all your loops and hold them together. We are going to use the t-shirt string to hold all your loops together. You do this by simply wrapping the t-shirt string around the loops.

Step 10:

Keep wrapping it around, make sure to hide the starter end.

Step 11:

Keep wrapping until it looks something like this.

Step 12:

Now grab that huge needle and use it to weave in the ends of the t-shirt string.


Step 13:

And you are done! Now you can do a lot with this simple idea. If you had a bunch of loops that broke, you can add beads to them and tie the ends, you can braid them, you can use multiple t-shirts for a thicker scarf, you can combine colors for a multicolored scarf, you can use white t-shirts and then dye them afterward in a ombre style. Really the possibilities are endless!

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    I made this, and a bracelet with on of the sleeves :)

    sccarf 006.JPGsccarf 007.JPGsccarf 011.JPGsccarf 007.JPG

    This is awesome! Mine turned out kind of huge, but I just folded it over twice and it looks okay. Thanks for the instructable!


    Looks great! Mine turned out the same so I just folded it twice as well!

    This is a really cool idea!

    I made this with an old tie-dye T from my heyday, I couldnt bring myself to throw it out, so I made this scarf with it this morning in about a half hour. The colors from the front curled into itself, so the pink and green dont really show up, but when its twisted they uncurl here and there, I am SO happy with the results!! A lot of the loops broke, so I tied them together and used the same kind of knot on step 10-12, didn't have a needle, I just worked it out and buried the second knot-didnt want it to look *too* home made ;) I like wearing it both ways, long and stringy for summer as a 'neclkace' with a t and jeans, flip flops would compliment the airyness of the scarf. And in the fall/winter (now) its great looped around twice as a neck warmer with a t and sweater, or a long sleeved T.. I love this and will be digging out more old tshirts, adding yarn, fringey things, beads...Christmas is coming!!


    And forgive my manners, THANK YOU for the instructable!!! I stumbled across it, bookmarked it and came back .. its fab! Thanks again for the inspiration.

    Wow that turned out great! Glad I could help to inspire!

    I made one of these and it turned out pretty awesome! :)

    Great to hear! You should share a pic!