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Introduction: Recycled T-Shirt Scarf

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This is a super simple way to use up some old t-shirts that you have lying around. It really only takes about 10 minutes to turn an old t-shirt into a super cute scarf! So here is the step by step!

Step 1: What You'll Need

What you need is an old t-shirt (with no seams down the side), a good pair of scissors, and a big tapestry needle.

Step 2:

First cut off the bottom hem of the t-shirt and put it aside.


Step 3:

Now cut the t-shirt into thin strips.


Step 4:

Keep cutting until you reach the armpits and have a pile like this!

Step 5:

Now this is the fun part. Take one strip and stretch it. As it stretches the sides of the loop will curl into themselves.

Step 6:

Which will look something like this after you are done stretching. Be careful if you are using a t-shirt with some tiny holes in it, as it will causes the loop to break. So stretch gently!

Step 7:

Keep on stretching until you get a pile like this!

Step 8:

Now you can either trim the seam off the hem or use a loop that broke while stretching for this next part. But basically you want a string made out off a t-shirt loop.


Step 9:

Take all your loops and hold them together. We are going to use the t-shirt string to hold all your loops together. You do this by simply wrapping the t-shirt string around the loops.

Step 10:

Keep wrapping it around, make sure to hide the starter end.

Step 11:

Keep wrapping until it looks something like this.

Step 12:

Now grab that huge needle and use it to weave in the ends of the t-shirt string.


Step 13:

And you are done! Now you can do a lot with this simple idea. If you had a bunch of loops that broke, you can add beads to them and tie the ends, you can braid them, you can use multiple t-shirts for a thicker scarf, you can combine colors for a multicolored scarf, you can use white t-shirts and then dye them afterward in a ombre style. Really the possibilities are endless!

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    I made this, and a bracelet with on of the sleeves :)

    sccarf 006.JPGsccarf 007.JPGsccarf 011.JPGsccarf 007.JPG
    1 reply

    This is awesome! Mine turned out kind of huge, but I just folded it over twice and it looks okay. Thanks for the instructable!

    1 reply

    Looks great! Mine turned out the same so I just folded it twice as well!

    This is a really cool idea!

    I made this with an old tie-dye T from my heyday, I couldnt bring myself to throw it out, so I made this scarf with it this morning in about a half hour. The colors from the front curled into itself, so the pink and green dont really show up, but when its twisted they uncurl here and there, I am SO happy with the results!! A lot of the loops broke, so I tied them together and used the same kind of knot on step 10-12, didn't have a needle, I just worked it out and buried the second knot-didnt want it to look *too* home made ;) I like wearing it both ways, long and stringy for summer as a 'neclkace' with a t and jeans, flip flops would compliment the airyness of the scarf. And in the fall/winter (now) its great looped around twice as a neck warmer with a t and sweater, or a long sleeved T.. I love this and will be digging out more old tshirts, adding yarn, fringey things, beads...Christmas is coming!!

    2 replies

    And forgive my manners, THANK YOU for the instructable!!! I stumbled across it, bookmarked it and came back .. its fab! Thanks again for the inspiration.

    Wow that turned out great! Glad I could help to inspire!

    I made one of these and it turned out pretty awesome! :)

    1 reply

    Great to hear! You should share a pic!

    I just had some big white t-shirts given to me this morning that I was thinking "what can I make with these"...... quite serendipitous to run across this. :-) I think I'm going to ombre dip-dye it first, then make it to get the colors all mixed up and blended. Very nice.

    1 reply

    Ooooooo that would be really pretty!

    With just one, not so bad, but because you can control how thick or thin you want it you can make it warmer or cooler.

    I like it! Great idea. The one thing I would say is that the first photo confused me because of the edge effects on the photo, making it look like the fabric was frayed. I thought that was how it was going to end up looking.

    3 replies

    lol... sorry about that. I use the same pics on my blog so ya, they have that photo edge on them. I'll keep that in mind next time I post an instructable though!

    What do you use to make/edit them? Other than that, it's a cool effect.

    I do a variety of things. If I have the time I'll use my Paint Shop Pro program. Or if I'm lazy I use this site: It does pretty much the same thing as my photo editing program, just can't get quite as detailed with it. But the website is what I did to edit these photos.