Repurposing my used truck tire into furniture was a great way to put a durable, used item to work for another lifetime.

We haven't had a coffee table for a couple of years.  My need for one and my desire to build one met up one day while I was surfing the Internet.  I read a blurp about someone who made an ottomon out of two stacked tires and suddenly my weekend now had purpose.

My wife likes the tire look for now, but there are plans for an elastic cover with remote control pockets on the perimeter in the works.

The best part is the top lifts off and there is a ton of storage inside the tire.  The leg supports effectively divide the interior space up inside and make it easier to organize, too.

Step 1: Tools & Materials

I bounced around the shop on this project a bit due to its prototypical nature, but it could have been built with far fewer tools and had the same or better outcome if I had more experience working with tires (which I do, now).

Power Tools
  • table saw
  • drill press
  • band saw
  • lathe
  • router (table mounted)
  • router (handheld)
  • belt sander
  • disc sander
  • jigsaw
  • drill
  • impact driver
Hand Tools
  • wrenches/sockets
  • screwdrivers
  • sanding block
  • hammer
  • mallet
  • pencils/markers
  • hand plane
  • old tire in need of repurposing
  • 1/2 sheet plywood
  • threaded rod
  • assorted wood screws
  • three lag screws
  • assorted washers
  • stain or paint
<p>see this video... <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w10rqzUGKBM" rel="nofollow">How to Recycle your old Tire into a DIY Golden Table</a> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w10rqzUGKBM </p>
<p>Thank for the detailed tutorial, you provided us with intricate detail and alternative method to accomplish this task . Wow!!!</p>
<p>This is perfect for my_vehicle loving_ sig.other's &quot;man cave&quot;. He will love the look of this table.I can see two end tables and a doubledecker beer table in my future. Thanks for the idea and the info :-)</p>
Thanks for the idea, made a couple for gifts after my summers wore out. little bit different design though, I didnt like the idea of having the legs come through the side walls, so just mounted them on the base ply, then made a 3/4&quot; insert to make the bottom flush with the rim wall, and the magizine holder was so when you close the lid it doesnt have side movement. had one good idea i couldnt get to though, I wanted to replace the doweling with 8&quot; rubber wheels on swivel castors, but wasnt sure how to make the bracket so they would look decent.
Thanks for sharing...nice work! We have three kids (3 y.o. + twin 6 monthers)...a friend recently asked me how durable the table was re: the kids. I hauled off and gave it a swift kick in the side. He gasped a little then realized how bulletproof these tables are. I told him, &quot;Hey, it held 6800 lbs of Dodge for 96,000 miles.&quot; I love the table. Going to make more soon...
And I noticed your duplex top design...that makes a great place to store some magazines or coffee table books for easy access...I think I will incorporate that into the next design...
Now I know what to do with two used quad tires. Thanks
I just want the Enzo from your instructable. ;-)
Very cool idea! Nice job on the instructable!
Nice! I had a similar idea for my workshop/garage that I'm redoing but instead of a wood tabletop I was planing on using a piece of glass I have for the top and a nice rim on a low profile tire. Nice job!
Ah...the versatility of threaded rods! Nice project.
I believe a lot of what people attribute to the &quot;rubber&quot; smell is due to the manufacturing process. This is a well used (96K miles) tire that was scrubbed several times. I haven't noticed any odors and it hasn't left any marks on me yet when I brushed up against it...
Excellent idea, it looks fantastic! That tyre does look in mighty fine condition from what I can tell but hey you put to good use :D
It looks close to, if not past, the tire wear bar indicators. Safer use for it than using it on a truck...
I was going by how clean and scratch free it was but Im sure your right . Either way it looks great !
Most of my rear tires somehow seem to quickly turn bald... just after I decide to replace them and have the new ones in my shop... there is often funny black lines on the country road outside my friends tire shop...
Awesome instructable! I would only wonder if the smell of rubber permeates the room it's in. I know at tire shops and stores that's all I can smell is the rubber. <br> <br>This reminds me of being paid to re-purposed huge tractor tires to be water/food holders for wildlife several years ago, and it's no easy task cutting the tire's sidewalls. Good job!
Why do you call Enzo a shop-dog? hahaha
The only question I have is....even after washing the tire it will leave black marks on anything or anyone that rubs against it. Did you solve this issue and if so did I miss that step? <br>Thanks
After scrubbing the tire with the soap and water, I haven't had any problems with transfer marks on my hands or fabric.
aww, no place for a kitty to hide!
very awesome sir <br>
This is fantastic... <br> <br>... but I don't think I'd trust that male dog near the tire table when nature calls. He's already got a guilty look on his face! ;-D
AHHhhhhhh. The smell of clean rubber. This is so Redneck I love it.
Great idea and really well done instructable - how do you keep this from smelling like a tire?
methinks that any silcone or vinyl polysh wax can fix rubber smell forever.
I love this idea and it couldn't have come at a better time. My wife told me to take my old tire (nail through the sidewall) to the recycling center today, but after reading this I'm going to keep it and make it into a table for my ham radio room. Thanks for the great idea!
Brilliant. I reckon you could simplify the design a bit though, by passing the legs through both tyre walls and mounting to the underside of the table top. You're way is a lot nicer though :-)
I had one of these as an coffee table. It was a NASCAR tire with a glass top and a stuffed checkered flag in the middle with a copy of 'Go Faster' sitting atop. The only downside to it at all is that you don't realize just how much your feet/shoes glide under things naturally until your foot meets grippy tire for the fifteenth time. It went from coffee table to end table in a week!
Nice work!
This looks awesome! It is hard to upcycle those tires, and you did a great job! <br /> <br />Cheers and thank you!!
This is worth it's weight in premium motor oil. Turned out great.
Beautifully detailed instructable!
Love it, and at least your honest about your mistakes A* <br>
I could make an Instructable about that alone...may have to be a multi-part series :)
I love it! Ive heard of people doing this, but never seen one!
Very cool and original! I like it! <br>

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