My family loves to make advent calendars each year. But rather than encouraging the gluttony with chocolate (that comes later with all the Christmas eating), we fill our calendar with activities and events that bring our family together and help us share the Christmas spirit with each other, our friends and community. We include lots of fun activities that we always say we "should" do but never get around to during the year. Adapt for your own family or situation.

Some of the things we include are:

* Have fish and chips at the beach
* Give each other a massage
* Cook dinner for mummy
* Watch a Christmas Movie
* Call friends in other cities

with many more suggestions on my website.

This year I've gone with a recycled toilet roll version. We collect all sorts of bits and pieces to recycle, and now that we're past the pre-school and playgroup years, we have fewer venues to donate our toilet rolls. Here's my quick (took me about 2 hours in total) guide to knocking up a recycled (and recyclable) advent calendar.

And please, just use this as a spark to get you going as the variations are only limited by what you have available.

Step 1: Materials

You'll need:

* 24 toilet roll tubes
* colourful tails - I've used crepe paper ribbon, but you can use scraps of fabric or paper.
* stapler (with staples)
* sticky tape or glue
* sheet of numbers (exclude if you're going to hand write or paint them on)
* sheet of activities (cut into strips that fit neatly into your tubes)
* string to hang on
* pegs to a attach to twine
What a great idea - i love it!
Out of curiosity, what kind of activities do you do each day of the calendar?
Take a look at my list at http://www.zdesign.com.au/craft/advent-calendar.html. Just adapt and modify for your own situation.
only today I was thinking "What can I do with tooty-toos?" Nice!
Wow, I made an advent calendar out of toilet roll tubes when my kids were little (a long time ago), but have never seen someone else do this. I love your take. I put the treats in the tubes then covered them in crepe paper. I arranged them on a poster board in the shape of a green tree, brown trunk and red pot. I glued the crepe covered rolls to each other and the poster board.
These are adorable!
it looks funny and coloring our lives

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