Recycled Tote Bag





Introduction: Recycled Tote Bag

My friends had a clothes swap and I got this pretty a-line skirt. It was too small for me, but I was in love with the embroidered flower. So, I decided to make it into a simple tote bag.

Step 1: Trim the Skirt.

I trimmed off the bottom and top of the skirt using a ruler with guide marks and a rotary cutter.

Step 2: Sewing the Bottom Seams.

I sewed the bottom closed, then folded in the corners to create an "I" seam. I removed the back zipper and sewed up the back seam.

Step 3: Trim the Corner Gusset.

This is the sewn corner seam that has been trimmed.

Step 4: Attach Binding & Handles.

I then used a 3" wide grosgrain ribbon for the binding along the top of the bag. I folded the ribbon in half, sewed it, and attached it to the bag for the handles.



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    Thought I recognized that Leia hat from Etsy! Between that place and here, my butt only leaves the computer chair when I just have to stop clicking for ideas and craft! Great idea!

    Cool! NOBODY luvs recycling more than MEEEEE!!!!!!!!

    this is a good idea, and great job!

    That's a great idea! I am always looking for a new way to use old clothes. :) Thanks!

    Looks great! If you'll be using it as a purse/tote I'd probably consider adding a lining as well; finding a lined skirt would make it dead easy.