Use recycled Tyvek envelopes to make beautiful metallic beads!

Step 1: Watch the Short Video Tutorial Here!

Step 2: You'll Need

Tyvek envelopes (Fed ex and USP use them)

Heat gun (or very hot hair dryer)

Wood skewers



DecoArt Dazzling Metallics

Wire cutters


Straight pins


Step 3: Paint and Cut

Cut your envelopes in 6" wide pieces

Paint them with several different colors of DecoArt Dazzling Metallic paints

Cut them in long triangles that are about 1" - 2" at the base

Step 4: Wrap and Heat

Roll them around a wood skewer and pin in place

Heat them until they start to melt

Cut 6" wire pieces with wire cutters

Add beads and wrap around the Tyvek beads

*Make sure to bend in the sharp ends

<p>How much time did it take to get the Tyvek to melt?</p>
Not much time at all. Maybe 30 seconds or a bit less.
<p>Thank you, I'm ready to give these a try.</p>
These are really nice. Are these envelopes labelled as &quot;Tyvek,&quot; or how does one identify them?
Not sure if they are labeled Tyvec, but they are the non rip envelopes.
<p>These are really nice!</p>
Super fun to make, too Shazni!

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